Sunday, March 12, 2017

A gift of adoption!

A gift of adoption! How powerful is it? Sometimes we don't even realize that what we do, it is huge, especially in a spiritual world! Adoptive parents, God picked us, He chose us for least of these! One of our daughters always thanks us for adopting her! Every time she gets a chance, or some free time she makes a card for us, thanking us for adopting her! The other day she came up to me and said: " Mom, thank you for adopting me! Thank you for saving me and bringing me here! If not this family, I would never know Jesus! I would not be saved! "
 She brought tears to my eyes!
Most of the time we don't even think this deep, but it is so important! Not everyone can adopt, but if you can please don't wait! There are so many children around the world alone, with out families! Those kids need families, they need moms and dads, they need love, they need Jesus in their life! Adopt and make a difference in someones life!
Don't let paperwork and finances scare you, we did it, and it's not that scary :) Blessings!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Back to the summer of 2016

Kids been asking for more blog posts...and I decided to find time and post most of the trips/memories from  past summer. I know, I's the end of October..but it doesn't matter! :)

My summer posts will have a lot of pictures, and once they are published, I will add links to this post, so it would be in one place.

Cherries picking 06-03-2016

Piano Concert 06-04-2016


Lake Tahoe June 2016


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rose's first soccer game of the season!

What a fun day! We had kids play basketball, but this is our first time that we have a soccer player in our family :) Rose had to be at the field at 7 am, and Sergey woke up early to take her there. 

When he got to the field, there were already many people, and he asked one of the ladies there, why so many people and families are at the field. Been told that parade and opening will start at 8 am ! We didn't know that.... We thought that we have to be there for the game at 10am. 

Sergey drove home, dialing me on his way home but my phone was on silence (17 missed phone calls). He came home, woke us all up  at 7:20 am, and we had only 20 minutes to get ready,  eat breakfast, take what we need and be out of the house.

A lot of team work..... Few bagels, peanut butter sandwiches, yogurts and bananas were consumed on our way there... Our kids did a great job by helping each other, and getting everything together...

Our morning really looked like a scene from Home Alone....but at the end we all agreed that we did much better..(no kids left at home, no screaming and yelling) :) 

What a great day! Rose was very happy to see us, she didn't think we will make it on time....

We had a great time at the parade and then during Rose's first game! She was awesome! Her team didn't win, but it was a tie...and they had a lot of fun! 

 Before the parade!


                                                           Game is about to start!

                                                          It was a good head kick! 

She was the most worried about her sister to not get hurt! My sweet girls, they are becoming true sisters! (during the game 3 girls got seriously hurt).


Mironyuk's team after the soccer game! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dimcho on the rope swing!

This little dude came a long, long way! He came to us when he was 5. He couldn't walk for a long distance, couldn't dress himself, and was very weak.

Today he is doing much better, and he is much stronger! Loves to run, loves to be outdoor, and just enjoying his life!

Here he is!

School is here....

There is so much going on in this little house! We had very busy summer and will try to post more about some of the things we did.

This is our second week of homeschooling. All kids are excited!
This year we decided to send kids to one day a week classes. They are so excited to go to the "real"school! They had their first day this week....

 Ilianna -10th , DJ-8th, RA-7th, DA-8th, EE-6th, SN-6th, DN-3rd, DD-3rd, and our baby Elliana-1st grade.

They all had a great day! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Our vacation to Lake Tahoe June 2016

We were blessed by the same family that blesses us every year. This family opened their hearts, shared their house with us and our family was able to spent almost 10 days in South Lake Tahoe this summer.

It was an awesome family vacation! We did a lot of bike riding!

Below we I will post a lot of pictures, they are not in order...too much work :)

***Not too long ago, we got a second camera (very cheap one), and our kids share it, and do take some of the pictures....Love to see all the pictures that kids took....

Our little princess

Ilianna and Denny playing animal/card game

Girls in the kitchen

 One of the favorite games

 Dimcho is learning to ride a two wheel bike...he wasn't really in to it, and didn't want to work "hard" to learn it. So one day we just took off training wheels for some extra motivation :) Most of us took turns to teach him, and watch him...By the end of our trip...he did learned to ride a bike! It only took 2 years before training wheels were off...and once we took off training wheels he did learn in about 2 days! Proud of him!
Danik is an awesome brother! He was happy to help, and did spend the most time teaching him! 

All of us walking/riding to the local park

 A video of him! So proud of our son! 

Some wood for roasting marshmallows 

This cool dude, Samuel, is my sister's son! Love him ! All kids love to be around toddlers and babies! Especially Daniel A. he loves, loves to play with my sister's babies!

Sergey trying to keep fire going, and Danilka with Samuel

Finally, one of my kids enjoy reading :)

At the park..Ilianna and Samuel

Victoria and Elliana

 Sergey and Dimcho

Family photo

Playing games


 Goofy Elisey :) 

 The weather was perfect for some kite flying :)

She loves to joke, and be goofy

My three Bulgarians :) 

Just boys...different stories but both of them are so alike :)

At the park

Ilianna with Samuel

Our two princesses....

Playing soccer at the park

                                            My sister's youngest even played some soccer :)

Daniel A...                                                         My mom, my sister and some of the kids

Elisey                                      Elliana

Growing up way too fast...Danilka

Kids just riding around...It was safe to let them ride in the neighborhood.

Daniel A., love his smile...


Love them...

Family picture by the lake...

My teenagers...left to right...13, 13 and 14 year olds

S'mores time...

First time eating s'mores...loved it :) 

More pictures by the lake...

He just fell...


Bible study outside...

All the Ds, Danik, Dimcho, Danilka and Denny :)

and then they take off again

A little helper...this was his favorite thing to do

These's fun to be around them...well, most of the time :) They love to play, and giggle and have fun together! 

Beach time...on our last day, before we headed home, we went to the beach....

Every evening we would burn a fire outside, and kids loved to hang out by the fire...


Bath time :)

More fun outside! 

Ilianna helping me in the kitchen

Rose and Dimcho                                Stanislav

Danik working hard to finish his card for Sergey

Daddy had to go back home after staying with us for few days...he came back on Friday to celebrate Father's Day and his birthday! 

New, healthy and crunchy :)

Danilka loves to help, here he is helping to peel vegtables for "Olivie" Salad. 

Boys helping with wood

Our youngest princess

Rose and Stas

Here, he already knows how to ride his bike, so proud of himself

Kids on the wheels...

Sergey running after him

Time with dad

This picture was taken on kids camera, Danilka, Rose and Denny

Playing more games

One of the favorite things to do at the park

Kids went for a ride, and took some pictures

More pictures by the lake...

                                             Danik and Stasik                                                   


Rose                         Danik

Danilka                                      Rose


Two youngest 

So clean and beautiful, until a little crash....

We still fit at the table :) 

We did some school work too

I got some beautiful flowers from Sergey on his birthday :)

Just us...

 Sergey especially did a lot of bike riding with older kids. Sergey and older kids did a 6 mile bike ride one day. Here Sergey with all the kids on 2+ mile bike ride. 

One of the boys took this pictures of Elliana...

 Also one morning when my sister and mom came to visit us while we were in Lake Tahoe, me and Sergey went for a bike ride. We rode almost 6 miles, and it was awesome! It was one of the best dates we ever had....:) Thank you my love for all your hard work, and for making this trip so awesome...