Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dimcho on the rope swing!

This little dude came a long, long way! He came to us when he was 5. He couldn't walk for a long distance, couldn't dress himself, and was very weak.

Today he is doing much better, and he is much stronger! Loves to run, loves to be outdoor, and just enjoying his life!

Here he is!

School is here....

There is so much going on in this little house! We had very busy summer and will try to post more about some of the things we did.

This is our second week of homeschooling. All kids are excited!
This year we decided to send kids to one day a week classes. They are so excited to go to the "real"school! They had their first day this week....

 Ilianna -10th , DJ-8th, RA-7th, DA-8th, EE-6th, SN-6th, DN-3rd, DD-3rd, and our baby Elliana-1st grade.

They all had a great day! 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Arrowbear 2016-Mironyuks and Reeds

For Memorial Day weekend we were invited by Reeds family to go spend a weekend in the mountains.

We are so blessed to know them, to be able to call them our friends and and be able to spend this special time together!

This is our second time getting together, first time was in 2014. Our kids getting along well, and they all miss them already!

We woke up early Saturday morning. This is Dimcho at 4am....we were about to leave our house. It was 7 hour drive...

 These two had a lot of fun together, especially they loved playing basketball

Usually not good with changes but did so well 

She is super friendly and had no problem playing with older kids, or younger kids

Breakfast time

 Daddy and his daughter...

My oldest princess making pancakes

Just playing

Boys did a lot of fishing

Some girls too :)

Rope swing

It was a first time for some of our children. Dimcho and Elisey were afraid to try rope swinging two years ago, and this time they did great! So proud of them! I don't have Dimcho's picture but I do have a video, will add a video of him later

Kids did a lot of rock climbing

He was so proud of himself. He does have problems with heights but he did enjoy rock climbing, and he enjoyed the sun!

 My sporty girl and Elisey! 

 Sergey,  our kids, and some of the Reeds went up the mountain

This is the view from the top of the mountain. Our house was by the lake...

This is the sweetest picture. One of the Reed's boy helping our youngest. I am just amazed how helpful, thoughtful and sweet Reeds family is! 

Best buddies! 

Rose's first fish

These two are the most fun to be around. Also they do get in-trouble often :) Good trouble :)  

Elliana's best friends :) 

Saying goodbyes

Most of us together...missing two people

Kids did a lot of rock climbing, exploring and playing...They were able to catch a lizard, found few snakes, and just have fun! It was an amazing time! The Reeds have 18 children, and 16 were able to come. So we had 16 Reeds, 9 Mironyks, and 2 extra girls, plus adults. Kids got along great! Many memories were made, and we are looking forward to get together again! 


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

There is life after adoption!

Dear Mom, Adoptive Mom!

Let me share something with you........ I had all these thoughts in my heart, and I  wanted to share. I wrote this more than 9 months ago, and since that time we added two more kids to our family through adoption. Today, I am finally ready to post this...


You think you are failing, and you are about to give up,

You are tired of being lied to,

You are tired of your kids being manipulative,

You are tired of them stealing,

You are tired of fighting,

You are tired of reminding your child over and over again simple rules,

Your children know all the rules, and constantly break them,

You are tired of yourself feeling always frustrated,

You often cry yourself to sleep,

You have no one to share, no one  to talk to, because no one will understand,

You are tired of empty promises,

There are good days, there are good moments, there are moments when you think it all worse it, but those moments are so rare. You love your child unconditionally, but......
Sometimes it feels like it never going to end, and that your life will never be the same, peaceful, and why you even struggling,
You asking yourself, why am I even here, this is not my life, I was trying to do what God asking everyone to do, help an orphan. I had good intentions! Why God, why?! I thought that if we adopt, we will live happily ever after....Yes, everyone has issues, everyone has problems but nothing, nothing what we are going through.....

Adopting, and bringing a child home is not an easy thing to do...There is a lot going on....

There is a lot going on in the spiritual world! YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR THIS CHILD'S SOUL!!!

Believe me, these kids had and have no one. If you will give up, then no one else will care. God gave us this child on purpose, there is purpose for everything. Yes, sometimes   we questioned ourselves, am I able, am I strong enough, God are you sure you want me to go through this?

Yes, if not you than WHO?!

God opened your eyes to see, He gave you His eyes! You see a need, you noticed those little "people", you see the orphan crisis all over the world! So......


Who will stand up?

Who will fight?

This whole adoption thing is is draining all the strength....sometimes fights are long, and not is hard...

There is life after adoption!  There is hope for your family!There is hope for our children! God is with us, and He will give us wisdom!

Yes, maybe your life is not going to looks like your neighbor's life, but it will be "new normal" for your family! And your family will be happy in your "new normal"!

***Our fight is not over....we are struggling a lot....our family life is far from normal.....but we know who we are fighting for....our children! God's children! I love what I do, and most of the time it is very very hard....but....I love what I do, and would not change for anything!


There is hope,

There is light,

There is future!

With God we can do anything!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Buy One Get One Free

Starting January of last year we started our international adoption.
When we were about to travel to bring Rose home, we got a phone call...

We were  planning to bring home one daughter by Christmas 2015, and God blessed us with two :)

We have this joke going brother asked what happened, how did we get two girls, as everyone knew that we were preparing only for one....

My brother said..."Did you find a good sale, was it a big promotion, like: Buy One Get One Free? " :)

I didn't even get offended, it actually made us smile :) Now we joke often, and when people ask us, we do use this joke :)

Our Rose and "magical girl" :) (Ilianna calls herself a magical girl, she appeared magically in our house)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We didn't plan this

I have no idea how to even explain what had happen but by the end of 2015 we end it up with two new daughters!

We brought Rose home on December 20st, and on December 28th one more girl joined our family.
This new girl came to us via adoption disruption. I have no idea how long she will stay with us, and how everything will work, but for now she is our daughter.

We started 2016 with nine children. I know that God doesn't make mistakes.

A little story, about our 2nd new daughter:
 On November 22nd, a mom contacted me. She needed some help with one of her children. She asked us if we can help find a family for her 15 year old daughter.

We did try to find a family, we considered different options, and then decided to take her into our family.

God is amazing God, and even we didn't plan this, but looks like it was His plan. We have no idea why it all happened, and we do have a lot of questions, but for now we are enjoying our two new daughters!

Only God knows why things happen the way they do, and only He knows what our future is, but we are trusting Him. There is a lot I can't share here, and just trust me, we know that this is God's plan for her to be here.

Her name is Ilianna, yes, sounds the same as Elliana. It s the same name, just spelled a little bit differently. Now we have two Ili/Elli-anas, and three Daniels. :)

Welcome to our family Ilianna!

***These pictures we took on New Year Day. This is the day when we opened our presents.