Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rose's first soccer game of the season!

What a fun day! We had kids play basketball, but this is our first time that we have a soccer player in our family :) Rose had to be at the field at 7 am, and Sergey woke up early to take her there. 

When he got to the field, there were already many people, and he asked one of the ladies there, why so many people and families are at the field. Been told that parade and opening will start at 8 am ! We didn't know that.... We thought that we have to be there for the game at 10am. 

Sergey drove home, dialing me on his way home but my phone was on silence (17 missed phone calls). He came home, woke us all up  at 7:20 am, and we had only 20 minutes to get ready,  eat breakfast, take what we need and be out of the house.

A lot of team work..... Few bagels, peanut butter sandwiches, yogurts and bananas were consumed on our way there... Our kids did a great job by helping each other, and getting everything together...

Our morning really looked like a scene from Home Alone....but at the end we all agreed that we did much better..(no kids left at home, no screaming and yelling) :) 

What a great day! Rose was very happy to see us, she didn't think we will make it on time....

We had a great time at the parade and then during Rose's first game! She was awesome! Her team didn't win, but it was a tie...and they had a lot of fun! 

 Before the parade!


                                                           Game is about to start!

                                                          It was a good head kick! 

She was the most worried about her sister to not get hurt! My sweet girls, they are becoming true sisters! (during the game 3 girls got seriously hurt).


Mironyuk's team after the soccer game! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dimcho on the rope swing!

This little dude came a long, long way! He came to us when he was 5. He couldn't walk for a long distance, couldn't dress himself, and was very weak.

Today he is doing much better, and he is much stronger! Loves to run, loves to be outdoor, and just enjoying his life!

Here he is!

School is here....

There is so much going on in this little house! We had very busy summer and will try to post more about some of the things we did.

This is our second week of homeschooling. All kids are excited!
This year we decided to send kids to one day a week classes. They are so excited to go to the "real"school! They had their first day this week....

 Ilianna -10th , DJ-8th, RA-7th, DA-8th, EE-6th, SN-6th, DN-3rd, DD-3rd, and our baby Elliana-1st grade.

They all had a great day! 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Arrowbear 2016-Mironyuks and Reeds

For Memorial Day weekend we were invited by Reeds family to go spend a weekend in the mountains.

We are so blessed to know them, to be able to call them our friends and and be able to spend this special time together!

This is our second time getting together, first time was in 2014. Our kids getting along well, and they all miss them already!

We woke up early Saturday morning. This is Dimcho at 4am....we were about to leave our house. It was 7 hour drive...

 These two had a lot of fun together, especially they loved playing basketball

Usually not good with changes but did so well 

She is super friendly and had no problem playing with older kids, or younger kids

Breakfast time

 Daddy and his daughter...

My oldest princess making pancakes

Just playing

Boys did a lot of fishing

Some girls too :)

Rope swing

It was a first time for some of our children. Dimcho and Elisey were afraid to try rope swinging two years ago, and this time they did great! So proud of them! I don't have Dimcho's picture but I do have a video, will add a video of him later

Kids did a lot of rock climbing

He was so proud of himself. He does have problems with heights but he did enjoy rock climbing, and he enjoyed the sun!

 My sporty girl and Elisey! 

 Sergey,  our kids, and some of the Reeds went up the mountain

This is the view from the top of the mountain. Our house was by the lake...

This is the sweetest picture. One of the Reed's boy helping our youngest. I am just amazed how helpful, thoughtful and sweet Reeds family is! 

Best buddies! 

Rose's first fish

These two are the most fun to be around. Also they do get in-trouble often :) Good trouble :)  

Elliana's best friends :) 

Saying goodbyes

Most of us together...missing two people

Kids did a lot of rock climbing, exploring and playing...They were able to catch a lizard, found few snakes, and just have fun! It was an amazing time! The Reeds have 18 children, and 16 were able to come. So we had 16 Reeds, 9 Mironyks, and 2 extra girls, plus adults. Kids got along great! Many memories were made, and we are looking forward to get together again!