Sunday, May 20, 2018

One week in May 2018

Today is Sunday...tomorrow is a new week...

This week will be almost like any other weeks, except... we will complete one more adoption, adoption of our sweet daughter! RG will be officially Mironyuk :)

Anyway, this post is not about her adoption, it is about a week ahead of us!


8:30 am we all have to go to court, to finally adopt our girl :) (details later)

11:30 am- school counselor meeting about IG

1:00 pm-meeting with school specialist about AG

2pm Lunch together as a family in one of the buffets, celebrating adoption day of our daughter!


 our last, official day of school! We will still have our regular school day, which includes:

9:00 am Speech Dimcho
9:00 am speech Denny
9:00  am piano lesson Elliana
9:45 am piano lesson Rose

11:00 am Ilianna special ed tutoring/class at the library
11:15 am I have a meeting with Educational Specialist
12 :00 pm Denny special ed tutoring/class at the library
1:00 pm Ilianna special ed tutoring/class at the library

2:00 pm Dimcho special ed tutoring/class at the library
3:00 pm Daniel J special ed tutoring/class at the library
4:00 pm Dimcho special ed tutoring/class at the library


9:30 am Piano
10:15 Piano
9:00- 9:50 am -school counselor meeting about AG
10:00- 10:50 am -school counselor meeting about RA
11:00- 12:30 pm -school counselor meeting about DJ and DA

1:00 pm-2:00 pm- AG, DJ , RA, DA, EE, SN, DN, DD, EE have Gymnastics

3:00 SN doctor appointment
3:15  DA doctor appointment
3:30  EE doctor appointment

6:40 pm Awana for youngest 5, and the rest of the kids would go to church for other things.


9 am Speech DD
8:30 pm-Guitar lesson DA


12 pm Phone appointment RA (specialist)

Plus, homeschooling, helping each child, and cooking :)

IG is working, and not driving yet. I do take her to work most days (she works 4-5-6 days a week). Some of her coworkers will bring her back, which is a huge blessing, only sometimes we have to go to get her.

This is what I have on my calendar... Most of our weeks looks the same :) We also had tutoring for each child, one hour each week, so if I would post this schedule few weeks back, you would see 10 hours of tutoring :)

RG is driving now, and I use to take her to school each morning, and would pick her up after school. It is a huge relief that she is driving, and taking her everywhere (school, job and activities). Also, when she is home, she will take IG to work, or older kids to church.

Older kids have to be in church few times a week for practices, and etc. and this is my job to take them :)

*** I am posting this just to remember....I know that some day our kids will be out of the house and I will have no one to drive, take care of  and cook for! I am trying to enjoy this time, and actually do get very emotional thinking that someday all of this will be GONE!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

February 2018 Update

I don't even know where to start...It's been a long time since I did any updates or shared any news here or on our blog!
*Most of us were down with a horrible flu for few weeks, at the end we all survived 
*We are still homeschooling 10 out of 11
*Kids are in grades: 2nd, 4th, 4th, 7th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th
* four kids still taking piano lessons
*two kids are in speech
*ten kids taking gymnastics
*one child takes guitar lessons
*one of the girls just had a surgery, and still recovering
*we have a court scheduled to obtain a legal guardianship for one of the girls
*we started an adoption of our oldest, she is 19, and hopefully will adopt her by summer
*house is almost done, just few little touch-ups and hopefully I will have time to make a video or take a lot of pictures to share it with you
*two oldest girls are working
*Sergey teaching and preparing our oldest for a driving test, and hopefully she will get her Drivers Licence by this summer
Plus there are birthdays, doctor appointments, work, and a lot more going on....Our life is not boring!
***Recent trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Thursday, October 19, 2017

RG-6 months home

This beautiful young lady joined our family almost 6 month ago! She was 18 when she came to us.

To be honest with you, we thought that we will not make it, and her stay with us will be very short. She came with a lot of trauma, hurt and trust issues!

We are blessed to know God and to believe in HIM, we are thankful that He gave us His eyes! We saw a beautiful, happy, honest, respectful child under all those layers of hate, hurt, and pain! She was like a wild animal when she came to us! She was in survival mode, and her goal was to survive no matter what! She could rely only on herself! She didn’t trust anyone, and we were no one to her!

There are two reasons why I am not sharing everything we went through:

 #1-This is her story to tell, and if someday she wants to share it, it is up to her!

#2-If I share how hard it was for us to love her, and accept her, and how we survived… I will have to share everything what she went through in her life, everything that is still a mystery to us, everything that made her the way she was 6 months ago and today!
The way she was or is, it is not her fault! Life, trauma, not caring adults, made her!She learned to not trust anyone, and hurt everyone who love her! She learned to not attach and to not show emotions!

If it was a hard time for us to accept her, and learn to love her, can you imagine how hard it was for her to trust us, and love us after what she went through?
After her traumatized life as an abandoned child, after spending years, years in the orphanage?!
After all those years, and everything that had happen to her, today she is making progress! She is trying! She is healing!

We are still having issues! We are still working on things, but with God, and His help, with love we can make a difference!

We are thankful to you my dear daughter, thankful for not giving up!

 For not giving up on adults!

For not giving up on family!

For not giving up on your life!

Today, you are still fighting “monsters” from your past, but you are strong, and I and dad know that you can do this! We will do our best to help you with anything you need and we will be there for you! 

Just remember, you are loved!
You are a daughter!
You are a sister!
You have a whole "gang" behind you! Yes, it is not easy to learn to live as a family, and it is not always easy to learn to love, get along with your siblings, but believe me, it is a blessing to have a family! All of us learning to something everyday, and we all have issues to work on! 

We believe in this beautiful lady! 

Please stay the way you are while you dance through this life! We love you! 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

I wish I could...

***A letter from my 11 year old...

 I wish I could....

I am 11 years old and as you see, my topic is,
I wish I a better person that makes his dear mom proud!
 I wish I could be someone and I wish I  would be a person that does not bother people, and has lots of friends!
God please help me be an obedient person and a person who does not make his mom cry
 God I have a question:
"Why does mom have to waste her life loving us?"
God please give her strength and a gift that she will not die
and please God I ask you to make me a better person
 I let you take my life and give it to my mom.
 I don't want her to die! I want her to to live!
I don't want her to die because of me disobeying her!
 I don't want to see her stressing with me.
I love her dearly but I don't show it her. I just wish I could  !


mom I love you

Coming back-Update 9-14-17

Everyone who follows us on Facebook know that we went through a lot this summer. We did a huge addition to our existing house. 

Our house "grew" from 800 sq.f to 2300 sq.f. From 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, to 6 bedrooms and 4 bath! We started our construction end of April 2017, and end of August it was done! It took only 4 months! We still need to remodel our exciting two bedrooms and one bath house, and hopefully it will not take too long!

We are so enjoying  our "new" house! Kids are enjoying all the space they have now!

We are so thankful for everything we have! We are so blessed and thankful for people who been next to us, for everyone who helped in any way they could! God Bless you! 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A gift of adoption!

A gift of adoption! How powerful is it? Sometimes we don't even realize that what we do, it is huge, especially in a spiritual world! Adoptive parents, God picked us, He chose us for least of these! One of our daughters always thanks us for adopting her! Every time she gets a chance, or some free time she makes a card for us, thanking us for adopting her! The other day she came up to me and said: " Mom, thank you for adopting me! Thank you for saving me and bringing me here! If not this family, I would never know Jesus! I would not be saved! "
 She brought tears to my eyes!
Most of the time we don't even think this deep, but it is so important! Not everyone can adopt, but if you can please don't wait! There are so many children around the world alone, with out families! Those kids need families, they need moms and dads, they need love, they need Jesus in their life! Adopt and make a difference in someones life!
Don't let paperwork and finances scare you, we did it, and it's not that scary :) Blessings!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Back to the summer of 2016

Kids been asking for more blog posts...and I decided to find time and post most of the trips/memories from  past summer. I know, I's the end of October..but it doesn't matter! :)

My summer posts will have a lot of pictures, and once they are published, I will add links to this post, so it would be in one place.

Cherries picking 06-03-2016

Piano Concert 06-04-2016


Lake Tahoe June 2016