Sunday, March 12, 2017

A gift of adoption!

A gift of adoption! How powerful is it? Sometimes we don't even realize that what we do, it is huge, especially in a spiritual world! Adoptive parents, God picked us, He chose us for least of these! One of our daughters always thanks us for adopting her! Every time she gets a chance, or some free time she makes a card for us, thanking us for adopting her! The other day she came up to me and said: " Mom, thank you for adopting me! Thank you for saving me and bringing me here! If not this family, I would never know Jesus! I would not be saved! "
 She brought tears to my eyes!
Most of the time we don't even think this deep, but it is so important! Not everyone can adopt, but if you can please don't wait! There are so many children around the world alone, with out families! Those kids need families, they need moms and dads, they need love, they need Jesus in their life! Adopt and make a difference in someones life!
Don't let paperwork and finances scare you, we did it, and it's not that scary :) Blessings!

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